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Strategies as a catalyst:

1. HR Audit: Questioner of 25 questions was distributed in the company. Personnel meeting, Group meeting and Board meeting were held during the HR audit.

2. Take off Meeting: Brain stormy meeting with 50 top most officers of the organization.

3. Learning & Development: Net 12 mandays to be spared for the on a specific training program called“Managerial Effectiveness”.

4. Creative Workplace: Personal counseling sessions were held with team to remove dissatisfaction factor in the organization.

5. Commercial Drive: Business plan meeting, strategic meeting, MIS and performance review meeting of the organization.

6. Open House: 50 people of the organization were invited in open house at the end of the every month. People were invited without any hierarchy so from the peon to chairman of the company became the part of this activity. Points at the larges were discussion in meeting and became resolution of the organization; moreover, from the next day it was became the policy of the company.

7. Meeting with Family:
There was evening meeting with the members of organization with their spouse and family members for create a new environment at the work place. Invites were declaring with the learning application in the result brought in the organization.

8. Talent Hunting:
Placement of right talented people are deployed as per this competence not in the need ground in the organization. Leadership performance by leadership was intended to establish in the organization at the end of the year.

Outcome of the program:

  • HR policy, SOP manual, employer manual and ISO good company found in to the execution.
  • Organization starts growing at the rate of 200% every year.
  • Talent was appreciated and HR turnover reduced in the organization.
  • Creative workplace has been created in the organization.
  • Organization become national player and gradually cross the boundaries to play internationally.
  • Today, the organization has of Rs. 1200 CR turnover and team size is nearby 1500 people.
  • Conclusion:

    An organization can adopt “HR as Strategic Business Partner” and grow by 200% every year.



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