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A Trend Setter :

Dr. Shailesh Thaker is a world-renowned management thinker and trainer on organizational behavior and development. He is the CLO of Knowledge Plus Inc., a highly reputed training firm based in Ahmedabad, India, helping organizations to achieve international benchmarks in management practices. As a management guru, Dr. Thaker is always in demand as a keynote speaker, business coach, HR trainer and training guru for management and training conferences. He has helped millions to achieve their personal and professional goals.

Not less than 62 countries have benefited through more than 1750 workshops. He has spent 25 years in this field and conducted nearly 17,500 hours of training sessions across the globe. He has trained nearly 500 trainers to design, develop and conduct training.
He has a doctorate in Cognitive Thinking (India) and International Training Fellow (USA). He is included in the list of 100 best management thinkers and gurus of the world. As a leadership guru and management thinker, he has introduced ideas in the management world.
Recently, he has been listed as “platinum” author on, a leading Canada-based portal on management; the only person from South-East Asia to be honored with this title. He has also been appointed as the president of, a U.S.-based corporate management university. He has been invited by world-class management institutes and universities including Seneca, IBA, CBM, Sp Jain, IMI, ITI, LUMS, NIFT, AMA, Knowledge Village, Karachi University, Iqara University, Ned University and GTU university. He has been singled out by civic, educational and management organizations from all over the world for prestigious biographical listing including: Currently, he is working on Global leadership and management.


-> Ranked – Top 30 management Gurus of the world

-> Years – 25

-> Training Program – 1750

-> Training Hours – 17, 500

-> Participants Benefitted – 19,70,000

-> Nationalities Benefitted – 62


-> Ranked in the 30 top Leadership gurus of the world -2015 by

-> Ranked in the 100 top management gurus of the world -2010 by

-> ITF (International Training Fellowship honored by JCI UNI, USA.)

-> Selected platinum author and leadership authority by, Toronto, Canada.

-> Out –Standing citizen of the Ahmedabad,india by Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation.

-> Outstanding Gujarat State Glory Award by H.E.Governor of Gujarat Sate India.

-> Lifetime Achievement Award from Rotary Club International.

-> Awarded ‘Out-standing HR Trainer of India’ by Junior Chamber International, India.

-> Interview by most influential person in HR by HR Magazine

-> Hon.Director of GTU (

He is affianced worldwide recognitions and biographical listing, including

-> Who’s who of the world 2005,

-> Man of the Year 2005,

-> Eminent Indian 2006,

-> Asia-Americans Who’s who , 2007

-> Asia-Pacific Who’s who , 2009


He has published 10 books and over 125 articles and book chapters:

-> The New Age of Leadership

-> I am Legend

-> Passion Leads to Excellence

-> Road to Travel in 21st century

-> Leadership Tomorrow

-> learn to win

-> lead me to me

-> leadership: Journey to higher level

-> life : from examine life style to examine living

-> leadership : from smartness to wiseness

-> leadership : cool branding

-> Power of here and NOW

-> learn to lead

Global Management Guru

His global reach has provided leadership training to the multinationals in the at least 62 countries. Rigorous efforts and contribution have seen him secure name in the 30 best management gurus of the world in the year 2012.Named in the list of top 30 most outstanding trainers and thinker of the year 2012. Always promoted his ideas and philosophy across the globe to help the society in betterment of life. Helped professionals achieve personal and professional goals in life through his training. Here is a small list of the global presentation

-> ASIA- PACIFIC Business leaders meet , Osaka, Japan

-> HR World conference, International Federation of Training and Development , Dubai , UAE

-> Africa HR Conference, Mauritius, Africa

-> Middle East HR conference, Egypt.

-> World Entrepreneur business conference, Seoul Conference.

-> Canada training and development conference, Toronto, Canada

-> Canada-Pakistan Education development programme, Karachi, Pakistan.

-> Global Management Summit, Kuwait

-> Senior level leadership institute, Pakistan