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Due to his outstanding persona and crave to modify business houses into profit factories have acclaimed him many awards. There are incredible honours in his record.

Honors Include:

-> 29 on TOP30 Management Gurus in 2015

-> Ranked 19 on TOP30 Management Gurus in 2013

-> Nominated Thikers 50 in 2013

-> Interview by most influential person in HR by HR Magazine

-> Ranked in the 100 top management gurus of the world -2010 by

-> Honor as platinum author and leadership authority by, Toronto, Canada.

-> Lifetime Achievement Award from Rotary club of International.

-> Out-standing HR Trainer of India awarded by junior chamber International India.

-> Doctorate from S.P. University of Gujarat, India.

-> ITF (International Training Fellowship honored by JCI UNI, USA.

Award awarded by Padma Gandhi Foundation to “recognize an individual in private or public life who has made a contribution toward improvement of public personnel management at any level of society.

He is affianced worldwide recognitions and biographical listing, including

-> Who’s who of the world 2005

-> Man of the year 2005

-> Eminent Indian 2006

-> Asia-Americans Who’s who 2007

-> Asia-Pacific 2009

His services are recognised by multi organisations across the nation.

-> Outstanding Citizen of the year, 2002

-> Outstanding Gujarat Gaurav Award year,2007

-> Outstanding Zone President JCI, India, year, 1998

-> Outstanding NEW LOM of the world JCI year, 1993

-> Outstanding Trainer of Pakistan by Lions International club year, 2005