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Why Your Pc Shuts Down When Gaming Why Your Pc Shuts Down When Gaming Why Your Pc Shuts Down When Gaming

Why Your Pc Shuts Down When Gaming

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Try reconnecting blog.windll.com/how-to-start-windows-10-in-safe-mode/ the video cable on the motherboard. If you replaced the video cable and did everything fine, the laptop should start properly. You’ll have to find out why your LCD is not working properly. Also, it’s possible the video cable got pulled from the connector on the LCD screen.

  • The Ryzen U is an efficient six-core processor, which not only offers excellent performance but delivers battery life that can be turned insane.
  • Laptop users can opt for a laptop cooler instead.
  • This could create conflicts in the background which might be preventing you from using your hotkeys on Windows 11.
  • When the laptop is shutting down during gaming due to overheating that means the fan is not working properly.
  • I completely reset my laptop to factory default every 6 months.

Reflash the BIOS, install the hard drive and test the laptop. I think it has a problem with my hard disk drive. I replace with another one but problem can not solve. Just remove it from the laptop and then install back. It’s possible the connection between the drive and motherboard is loose. If the laptop worked fine before the power jack replacement but not after, apparently you didn’t do a good job.

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To make things worse, many laptops couldn’t stand the massive resource exhaustion during gameplay and ultimately they shutdown as a last report to cool themselves. However, there are many ways to fix laptop heat and shutdown during game. Overheating is one of the first and most common reasons your computer or laptop shuts down. Look at your GPU card fan, case fans, and CPU fan for a computer. It randomly shuts down and takes a moment to clean the components properly.

Lenovo Yoga 500 No Backlight On Screen

There is a good chance he removed sensors or changed the system in such a way it couldn’t tell it was overheating. If you measure the volume of the whole system, including the power supply and water cooling pump/radiator/tubing, then it is not slimmer than a PS5. It is bulkier, uglier and harder to manipulate. You can check CPU temp on Windows 11 using a hardware monitoring tool of your choice.

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