Passion+ purpose+ Principles= Infinite sucess.

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Passion+ purpose+ Principles= Infinite sucess. Passion+ purpose+ Principles= Infinite sucess. Passion+ purpose+ Principles= Infinite sucess.

Passion+ purpose+ Principles= Infinite sucess.

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In conversation with Dr. Shailesh Thaker: Bringing management advice to the forefront

Effervescent, buoyant, and charismatic are the words that describe Dr. Shailesh Thaker, a world-renowned management thinker and trainer on organizational behavior and development. As a management guru, he is always in demand as a keynote speaker, business coach, and HR mentor for management and training conferences. Over a career spanning three decades, Dr. Thaker has helped millions to achieve their personal and professional goals and has contributed immensely to organizational behavior across the world. This is a journey of Dr. Thaker, the CLO of Knowledge Plus Inc., a highly reputed training firm based in Ahmedabad, India, helping organizations to achieve international benchmarks in management practices, and a person with a composed and creative mind. Here are a few excerpts from his interview with us:

  1. Tell us about your remarkable journey so far.

Born on February 27, 1960, in Ahmedabad, the commercial capital of Gujarat, my journey has been full of pain and pleasure. Over the last 32 years, I have conducted more than 1950 Management Workshops, with 1,90,000 participants, 550 Soft Skills trainers & alumni, authored 110+ books, and benefited 64 countries across 5 continents. As a mentor, I have impacted several profiles from Vice-Chancellors to Missile Scientists, Navy officers, Judges, HR professionals, Doctors, ad Journalists, to Principals, Directors of colleges, CEOs, Managers & more.

  1. What according to you is the major difference between trainer, coach, and mentor?

A trainer is related to the field of training. Once the training session gets over, the learner and trainer depart from each other. Coaching, on the other hand, is with you at the time of performance. When you are actually doing it in life, on the grounds, that your coach is with you and is constantly observing or guiding you. Mentor, is above both these levels. You find him a title, position, power or ego-free person.

  1. Listed in the top 30 leadership professionals of the world for the years 2015 and till date tell us something about your research and literary findings.

I have worked on a multitude of technical blueprints for over 30 areas, including papers about the GDP, Economy, Youth, Skills, Start-Ups, Power, Water, Green Energy, Happiness, Education, and Health. One of my profound works in research is for World Without Borders Inc, Canada. Besides, I also write blogs and have more than 10,000 readers on my blog per day. Pursuing my not-for-profit objectives, I have plans to donate the commercials earned by sales of my latest and most anticipated book- ‘INDIA@2050’ to the Indian Council of Social Welfare for Youth and Women Development. My immense contribution towards ‘coaching’ in India, has been well received for training and certifying 550 soft skills trainers across multiple expertise from development, design, and conduct training programs in rural and urban India.

  1. What according to you is your core strength?

The world I feel has been benefitting immensely from my input, knowledge, and wisdom. World leaders have recognized my contribution on a global level. It is really good to be wise and my wisdom is my strength. According to me, you cannot do the work which is purely connected to your weakness. Instead, focus on the strong base task and see the miracles in life. You will certainly grow. And growing is a way of life. You must grow as it is a rule of nature.

  1. What are your 7 key messages to our readers?

Maintaining optimum balance is very important in life. Family is undoubtedly the topmost priority, and as a leader, it is your prime responsibility to engage in the happiness of your family. My 7 mantras for life are:

  1. Change your orbit every 9 years.
  2. Plan for at least 7 years. Every 7 years, business models change.
  3. Balance your life.
  4. Turn your hobby into a business.
  5. Doing is everything. (ACTION AND INTENTION)
  6. Go for concrete success in life, no super factious or surface level will be admired by the world.
  7. Friends, family, and finance are the top most priority of life.

  1. What are your views about India in 2050?

After the classic 75 years celebration, I see India @2050. Of course, it will be full of challenges. India and its people have to work hard to make it true. I do not see it as an impossible goal, as the highest level of brain can be found in India. Slowly, it will be possible and real.

  1. Will you please inform us about the IFLD?  An adult learning center is honor to Dr. Thaker for his contribution in USA. The main objective is to reduce the gap between the east and west. A first-ever Indian is found with such respect.

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