63: An age to share fitness, healthy tips.

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63:  An age to share fitness, healthy tips. 63:  An age to share fitness, healthy tips. 63:  An age to share fitness, healthy tips.

63: An age to share fitness, healthy tips.

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1. Without good health – nothing else matters. Nothing. Not even all your bank balance.

2. Being healthy – is a choice as is being unhealthy. We choose what we eat, what we think, and how we move.

3. If you don’t take out time out daily for your well-being and health, you will be forced to take out time from work to repair your health.

4 . Don’t bank on modern medicine – to solve your health challenges. They only mask the symptoms temporarily and they come with side effects.

5. Nature hits back – if you move away. The more we move away from the way nature intended us to live the more sicker we will get.

Packed, processed, fried, junk, sugar – is not a natural way of food.

Sitting at a desk full day, ordering food on an app is not the natural way.

Constant flight of fight stress is not nature’s way.

No wonder we fall sick, get obese, have chronic health issues, deal with our neck and back pain, and then run around doctors.

6. Obesity is not a problem – in the animal kingdom. Because in all nature all animals eat for hunger not for taste and stop when they are full.

And they only eat food that is designed for their body by nature.

We eat for pleasure. All the time.

7. Placebo effect is real – so is the nocebo effect. For a positive doctor, faith and prayers are the most powerful tools in healing.

8. A car is not good for your health – invest in a cycle or walk instead of using your car your body will thank you.

9. Taking a break is the best pill. Take a break every few minutes daily, and take a break to go in nature to rejuvenate.

10. Sleep is the magic elixir for health. Don’t boast you sleep less and work hard, you will shorten your life and find the grave faster.

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