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You Change and promises are broken


What do you call promise? could you change promise ? Could you change words.,? Do not you think if you keep on changing words, your power of words is suffer? Your impact of spoken words is reducing?
Do you believe that you can change words without any strong fundamental reasons?
Who will judge these fundamentals?
Today morning, i come across gentle man at 6-00 a.m. in the garden during morning walk. He had given few words , today, he had all different words.
Why does he do all that?
I am completely surprise by that way of communication. If you are not clear with words than why you had offer words in past ? What was the reason and motive to give him words? You could be hate first. You could disappoint people and you could offer them an opportunity to de value your selves.
Words are your greatest power. Power of spoken words is unbelievable. It can pump fresh air in the death bad man. It could change lives of anyone.
How someone can effort to waste such great power?
Promises are everything but once it is broken than it is nothing. Now it has no value. Nobody rely on words…
Do you think you can win over with number of excuses, number of lies and broken promises? Your heart has full value and full of spirit.

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