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White Revolution….YES!!!!

Amul has been ranked amongst the top 21 largest dairy businesses in the world as per the findings published by International Farm Comparison Network (IFCN) at the 10th IFCN Dairy Conference 2009 at Stockholm.

The IFCN is a network of dairy researchers responsible for analysing global dairy trends and creating knowledge to guide the various stakeholders in the dairy sector covering about 80 countries, over 60 dairy related companies, a number of dairy related institutions and dairy farmers. It publishes “IFCN Dairy Report” every year.

For the first time, Amul has entered the league of top 21 largest dairy businesses in the World. In the list, Amul has been ranked at No. 21 in the World based on the milk intake during the year 2007.

However, with substantial growth having taken place during the last two years at Amul, the ranking of Amul in top dairy businesses of the World would improve to almost at No. 16 in the current year. The other dairy businesses included in the ranking are Fonterra, Campina and Friesland, Dairy Farmers of America, Arla Foods, Dean Foods, etc.

India with its milk production touching 114.4 Million MTs during the year under review is the largest milk producer in the World way ahead of USA and Germany with 79.3 Million MTs and 39.4 Million MTs respectively, thanks to the White Revolution pioneered by Amul.

Dr.Kurian has initiated this movement five decades before. Amul is not an overnight story. Amul is a life of thousands of farmers and a visionary leader Sardar Patel.

Of course, Dr. Kurian has played a major role.

In one of the public programmes, one gentleman asked a question to Dr. Kurian, whose present age is 85 years, “Do you have any next dream???”

Dr. Kurian replied, “We have proved ourselves and we have done our best. Now someone has to take over.”

Leadership is doing your best and leaving the place vacant for the next leader to perform and to prove his worth.

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