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When it is possible why settle for less?

Like a manager, a true leader is one who keeps his focus on achieving his goals. Focus is required in life. No success without the power of focus.

Many of us have the habit of grumbling about our meagre achievements. One reason so few of us achieve what we truly want is that we never direct our focus; we never concentrate our power. Most people never master anything in particular though they keep the wheels of life moving at a sedentary pace.
I find people often talking of “ifs & buts“. This is defeatism. It can lead to blame game as they make someone else responsible for failure. In fact, you are responsible for whatever you are in life. Why should anyone else take the blame?

Keeping the mind focused is key to success. And then comes time management which means the mind is focused and is not going astray. If you have to select between two words BLAME and ACCOMPLISHMENT what would be your choice?

Remember, the rule for reader of “WIN TO LEAD “series are not to dabble in words but to finish first in whatever they do. You cannot live life with conditions attached.
To come out of your darkest days in life is only possible by focusing on the brightness of your action. Do not be misled by circumstances and conditions losing focus. The sun’s rays do not burn until it is focused.

Results are the byproducts of action that are focused. Reader of “WIN TO LEAD” series must know the rule of life. Life gifted to you to enjoy the pleasure, not pain. Anything that creates pain in life should be shunned so that your actions results in pleasure at the end.

Focus on lifetime goals may take years to complete irrespective of events and people. You make sure that your focus is never diluted for a moment. Focused in your actions can dispel anxiety and depression. There is always a brighter side to life and remember never lose your focus.

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