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What usually drives me?

Great ideologist Osho said, “If someone has spoken bad words to you in abusing language and you also react to him in abusing language with anger. It means he has driven you. But, if you have reacted with love and smile to him then you must have driven him.”

What usually drives your behaviour?

Trust me; people usually control your senses. Your behaviour is controlled by their intelligence. You are not driven so much by your intelligence but others drive you. In fact, you should drive your behaviour according to your intellectual capacity and values. Suppose, your boss has called you in the evening and fired you badly for some or the other reason, what is the reaction? It hurt your feelings and your sentiments were so disturbed that up to late night you were awoke. Even, you have not enjoyed dinner at home; you were poor with your children. You avoided reading a book which you always used to do before sleep. The impact was powerful that it has carried on to the next day. The following morning you have not visited gym for work out and attended office with lots of ill feelings in the mind.

So, just tick your mind, who drives whom?

Your state of mind is your exclusive property and is priceless too. None should get access to drive your state of mind. You possess the whole authority and capacity to drive your state of mind.

Before reactions, you have a choice to select “Power to choose reaction.”

What can be your ‘Reaction?’ God is so kind that he has blessed us with the gift of “Power to choose.” What shall be your reaction to any action is absolutely under your control. Instead of people deciding what you will do, you should determine what you will do.

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