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What is your mind set ? open or close

Before deciding whether you have a fixed mind set or an open mind you must first start recording your thinking and keep track on your belief.

You must have good thinking pattern and good flow of ideas and formulas. The many ideas and knowledge that you share in your day to day life is supported by examples and experiences. It is because you have a fixed mind set.

A person’s mind set can either be a powerful one or a limited one.  I believe this extremely that change from inside is probable, that’s the reason i suggest this strongly. People who try to change other people are generally foolish and people who try to change this world are definitely on the wrong path. People who are masters of themselves try to change themselves and later broadcast message through that.

The biggest key to open mind locks is to have an open mind. To achieve these levels rigidness and limitations are required.

You can see the growth of China how you see its growth and what is your impression about the growth of the country? Do you think if the same model can work out in other state of country? Can you think about more such possibilities?

How often do you think that documentaries can make a substantial impact in the corporate world? What exactly is you mind set?

In what way you visualize it makes a major difference in the company

Do you feel your mind set is rigid?

At any point of time do you feel you are not open to new ideas?

How much do you believe that you are open to new technologies?

Have you ever though that your limited beliefs and habits are the hurdles for the growth of nation, state and yourself too?

Have you ever though why your language is not progressive?

Will you be able to make substantial difference in the corporate with this mind set? Do you think it will help you? You really cannot go to the next level with a limited mind set and you cannot go higher with pre-set beliefs.

My strong advice is that a leader always lives with an open mind. For becoming a leader you must have good pattern of thinking that is open to all avenues or technologies. You must thus choose a mindset that will shape you and help you achieve powerful ideas.

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