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What is common between David Beckham, Tiger woods and Sachin Tendulkar?

Sachin Wax Statue
Sachin Wax Statue

YES! Statues of all three are mounted in Madame Tussuad wax museum in London.

Sachin showing his reaction on the event says, “I know I am the first person of the country to be there. I think it is an appreciation and a reflection of my contribution to Indian cricket. They come to those who have achieved something in life and I think my contribution to Indian cricket has been good.”

A genius hardly reacts in life as he believes in action instead of reaction.

In my eyes, he had demonstrated leadership to the nation.

A question may come to your mind, “Why? And How?”

My humble submission with profound spirit is; only few contributes and only few are so humble and simple, only few can digest such level of success (the first person selected from sports in India, where the total population is nearly 1.3 billion) Don’t you think it’s amazing?

Secondly, he has reacted with his feelings by word “GOOD”. After passing almost records of history of cricket, he said, “My contribution is GOOD.”(Not even superb or excellent). Unconsciously, it is revealing out his humbleness and genius attitude.

I strongly believe that he is not only a cricketer but he is a role model to the youth of nation ‘INDIA’.

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