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We reach to our true potentials only by meeting challenges

“In the midst of winter, I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer.”

- Albert Camus

God never creates difficulties in life that could not be faced by any individual. God is aware of your strength, power and fighting spirit and ability to resolve matter at any cost. In fact, our potentiality level and the courage to do things have never been tested to the full as we are unaware of what lies dormant inside us. It is sheer ignorance to blame God when we don’t make efforts to realize what lies inside us.

When faced with problems and challenges there are times when our fighting spirit ceases and recourse to suicide becomes the only solution when all it needed was a resolve to fightthe life’s battle come what may. How else can one seek a permanent solution to life?Not by ending life itself?

Most of us have not tasted our true potentiality level. We come across problems and tackle it at surface level without realizing what our full potentiality holds. True, bringing out our true potentialwill not happen unless we are preparedto deal with fortitude and overcome the “insurmountable” obstacles. Once, you begin to realize that what you are facing is entirely left to you to resolve the much needed confidence automatically comes to the fore and the world sees your true level of potentiality.

Your belief in yourself while facing problems isindeed of utmost value.Ability todealwith it will add more subsequent value to your self-confidence. There is no way to reach you full potential without being tested on the touchstone of challenges.

The real taste of spirit &confidence comes when you are facing problems of higher magnitude that defy solutions at first sight. When, I say higher magnitude you think it is next to impossible to meet it head-on but that depends entirely on how you finally manage and handle it.

Remember, the first step towards overcoming challenges is the most difficult and it counts the most. A traveller has to take his first step to reach his final destination howsoever far it is so that when he reaches the goal his happiness knows no bounds. Remember that great potentiality has the wherewithal to meet great challenges. In fact, it’s God’s will that he has created us so that we may realize our full inner strength. As per a Gujarati proverb, Bhakhrijetlishakiaatlimithithai[meaning the more you roast bhakhri (a thick pancake of unleavened whole-grain bread ) the more sweeter it becomes)]

Sometimes you do not find solutions to pressing problems even after intensive efforts. This does not mean that war has been lost though all it means is that the first battle has been. Keep persevering; add more spirit and pep to your efforts. This is how most of the miracles known to mankind have come about. I know it is tough but it is natural that when the going gets tough the tough must get going. When you are struggling to do all these tasks visualize, what if completed, how your life could change; what it will do to your accomplishment level and where you would then be standing glowing with pride and honour.

Develop the true spirit of facing challenges as challenges are the waves that will keep lashing at your ocean of life. Striving to solve challenges is the only way forward as sweet is the fruits of adversity. When the results are out and you are standingglowing with pride indeed you have reached your destination. Then there is no looking back as your trials and tribulations are over. That in a nutshellis what true leadership is all about.



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