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It is high time now that Indian corporate follow ‘WALK AROUND – STAND TALL’ strategy.

Top management should follow level-5 of leadership styles. The top management should allow people to stand tall in front of them (stand tall means to make them feel special of their presence in an organization). Team can stand tall in front of top management only by mentoring leadership. JRD Tata once committed that my secret behind success is “I have selected more powerful people than me in my team.”

People with high potentials, excellent combination of EQ (Emotional Quotient) and IQ (Intelligence Quotient), powerful value system and willingness to work all put together can stand tall in favour of top management. Stand tall people can meet any challenges. They can transfer stumbling blocks in to opportunities.

Happy, satisfied, feeling proud of the organization and visualizing their career, people can easily stand tall in favour of the organization. Top management should understand and support their feelings then only they will stand tall with double spirit. Indirectly, it’s helps the organization.

In some of the corporate world, I had found firing, creating unnecessary pressure, public insult, criticizing in front of others, attacking their self esteem, unfair approach, cut to size attitude and unfair communication, all these things affect on the moral of the team and push them not to stand tall in favour of organization. Even seniors do not stand tall in front of their team. One side, Top management is expecting 100 percent from the team and on the contrary, they cut down the moral of the team. Then just think how can the team stand tall? If the team cannot stand tall, how can the top management walk with pride?

If team starts standing tall then top management walks with pride.

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