Tuesday , 23 October 2018
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Twitter: Creating Global Village

We are seeing a change in our world — Changes that have created a fast evolving world. A new reality defined in communication is: “Twitter…”

Today, we are seeing Twitter as a social media and technology. Voice against terrorism is undergoing a movement through this Twitter, an innovative tool. People can create voice across the globe and create an impact on the society.

In my eyes, humanity at large can be benefited by such communication tools and anything against humanity and society can be controlled by such voice.

I find across the globe, people find Twitter as the most useful and easily useable tool to raise the voice across the globe. We shall be able to create an impact in the society which wants to live fair and transparent life. Strong voice can be created against corruption, terrorism and racism. Now, we are more concerned with PSR (Personal Social Responsibility). PSR can make social impact and can also make impacts on political leaders.

Twitter is accepted and has more overwhelming response from the society. People have love as the communication tool and can make it border free. In real sense, it is a global tool and forces us to live in global village. As a global citizen, I should raise the voice against racism, terrorism and corruption to make this world peaceful and heaven on earth to live in.

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