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Trust lies in Trust

Relationship is a two-way traffic and as an idea it is never meant to lead to a breakdown or breach of trust. It enhances joy of living and makes us less insecure in a troubled world. When joy is shared it turns into double joy; and sorrow shared gets reduced to half.
Relationship has to be based on implicit trust. Do you ever doubt reaching your destination when travelling from Mumbai to London, or check the level of oxygen prevailing at both the cities before beginning your travel? Have you ever tested the water before taking a sip at an unfamiliar place like Toronto or Sidney? NO YOU DON’T. The simple reason is the belief in oneself to what one is doing and the inherent capacity to do it correctly.
What counts is not if we are dealing with a small or big event but how faithful are we to ourselves and to our fellow human beings. It is that quality that builds bridges in life and shows us in positive light.
Relationship helps us to overcome our innate insecurities and infirmities. Yes, we’re born incomplete and so we’re always searching for somebody to make us complete. There is self-doubt and disharmony when we find that the relationship has not met our expectations as it remains unfulfilled. So we tend to blame our partners. No partner can help unless you do what is expected of you in being responsible to your own fulfillment. Nobody else can provide it for us, and to believe otherwise is only to delude ourselves.
Faith is what cements relationship. When faith is subjected to explanation it is the confidence in relationship that is dangerously shaken sometimes irretrievably lost.
Faith is beyond the power of reasoning; it is something that has to do with our inner self. Reposing faith in others is not a mistake. It is the way God has made us. In our heart of hearts we have faith in what God intended us to be as hallmark of existence. Would God have made a mistake? If the answer is no than why not maintain the level of faith that is needed when you deal with others?
Faith and trust are two sides of the same coin and raison d’être of our very existence and survival as we pursue excellence in relationship. Wife must have faith in husband; manager in supervisor; vendor in customer. Once faith is shaken the real charm of relationship is lost. What comes out is nothing but hypocrisy and disillusionment. Readers of LEAD TO WIN OVER series never lead such a life.
If someone can live with doubts, insecurity and breach of trust in a relationship by wearing a mask covering his true intentions what does happen to his original spontaneous and natural human feelings? It is troublesome to think of such a scenario when existence can turn into real misery.
Faith is a compass for readers of “LEAD TO WIN OVER “series to chart their course in life’s journey through a mutually stimulating relationship.

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