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“Leadership is demonstration not definition.” Dr. Thaker recently shares in his leadership 2020 programme.

The economy is slowing and isn’t going to get better anytime soon.

The first thing you should ask yourself is: “What is a Tough Time?” The answer is that’s it’s a belief. What you see is what you get…believe is a thought in your mind and what you think you creates and all the predictions and projections of the experts often become self-fulfilling prophecies because they are creating the” belief” that things are “tough”. But are they really that bad?

If the economy is bad, we say it’s a recession. If we lose our job, it’s a depression. Everything is relative yet someone somewhere is always worse off.

Realize that a Tough Time is “as we see it”. What we feel is real. Welcome to reality.

In my eyes, Leadership is INSIDE-OUTSIDE. Factors of leadership are important for your self-fulfillment in the best of times, but in bad times it’s even more important to do a reality check. Don’t only tell yourself “things could always be worse”, but try to maintain a positive attitude.

Every human organization goes through tough and challenging times, because, well, we’re human! We need to expect that tough times will come, but know that by exhibiting extraordinary leadership during those times, the group can come out of them stronger than ever! Here are some thoughts for you to consider on being an extraordinary leader during tough and challenging times, whether you lead a business, a city, a non-profit organization, a NGO or a family.


Big Picture is everything

When things get tough, everybody’s temptation is to become acutely focused on the problem. The extraordinary leader, however, will keep his or her eye on the big picture. This doesn’t mean that we don’t address the problem. In fact, we have to address the problem. But what separates a leader from a follower is that the leader doesn’t get caught up in the problem. The leader sees the big picture and keeps moving toward the vision. The further they take their followers toward the vision, the further away from the problem they get.


Sacrifice to win

When it gets tough, like when there has to be cuts in salaries, etc., the leader should do just that – lead. They need to not only be the one who is rewarded the greatest when all is well, but they need to be the first to sacrifice. The extraordinary leader says, “I know many of you are concerned with the salary cuts. I am too. In the long run we will be healthy again but for the mean time, this is necessary. Understanding this, I want you to know that I am taking a 20 percent pay reduction myself. I want you to know that we are in this together.” The extraordinary leader is the first to sacrifice and will be rewarded with the loyalty of his or her followers. Mother ( Home manager) who always demonstrate lesson of sacrificing and winning. She contributes for the home for the decades and never expects any returns.


Motivate yourself and team

In tough and challenging times, people are naturally down. They tend to be pessimistic. They can’t see how it is all going to work out. Thus, they have a hard time getting going. The extraordinary leader knows this and will focus in on being the optimistic motivator. He or she will come to the office knowing that for the time being, the mood of the group will be carried and buoyed by them and their attitude.


Small victory has a value

One of the ways to motivate is to create small wins. The extraordinary leader knows that in tough times his or her people think that all is lost. They wonder if they can win. So the extraordinary leader creates opportunities for the team to win, even if they are small. They set smaller, more achievable goals and remind and reward the team members when they hit those goals. With each small win, the leader is building the esteem and attitude of his followers, digging them out of their self-created hole of fear.

Know Yourself

In good times you do what helps you develop your potential-in Tough Times we have to do what helps to pay the bills. You might need to work overtime without charging your company for it to keep your job. You might take on extra projects at home that formerly you did on company time. You might have to help your company reduce expenses (fly economy, not business class; schedule a few visits together; cut down on business lunches), and you might have to reduce personal expenses at home. You will do whatever you must to keep afloat.


Take calculative Risks

In good times you can take risks fairly easily, knowing you mostly always have a fallback position. In Tough Times, don’t take large financial risks if you can’t afford them. The risks you take should be those that will position you to capitalize on them when times get better. If you’re in the management planning area, don’t hesitate to take on extra work in the execution of tasks. If you are in inside sales, put on a hat and knock on doors for your company in new markets. Look for additional things you can do to benefit your company. When things improve, your efforts will be remembered (we hope!).


Power of Communication and relations

Talk nicely to yourself. Talk positively about the things you accomplish and will accomplish in the company and in your life. Don’t bitch and complain about Tough Times. Tell yourself and others to enjoy what they have now…it could be worse. REMEBER, you and team can work better. TEAM creates wonder and tries to become valuable by adding value to the team in bad time. Keep sharing humour in the team.  Make people to laugh and love. Have attitude of caring and sharing. Appreciate small victory. One of the team member is completing work in time and making some difference than appreciate publicly. The economy might go down, but it’s not exactly as if you’re on the Titanic, though it might sometimes feel like it. If you have an option, ask yourself which you would prefer: to be where you are now, or in the greatest luxury liner ever built, in a first-class suite with all the trimmings, on the night of April 14, 1912.


Willingness to destroy is everything in my eyes. Even today, if you find or feel that organisation or relationship or job is destroying  ….don’t get disturb, understand the power of destroying .Creation always takes place after detriment. Mother Teresa said, ‘I love the light for it shows me the way, yet I endure the darkness because it shows me the stars. Time has come to understand the current situation, spiritually. I believe spiritual world is an invisible world but it has a great and unbeatable impact in the life.

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