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An American advertising agency is offering its clients the opportunity to ‘pay what they want’ for creative services, reports Spring wise.

According to the article, Agency Nil is in a position to make this happen by employing recent graduates and advertising professionals who are in-between jobs.

Clients submit a work request to Agency Nil and in return receive creative by deadline. The big difference is that it is up to the client to decide what the work is worth.

The only fees agreed upon up-front are travel, proprietary research tools and production costs.

To date the people behind Agency Nil says they haven’t had a client that has decided to pay nothing, and if one did it is unlikely they would do work for them again.

You’ve got to give it to Agency Nil for wanting to break the mould. Could this be the end of advertising fees as the business world knows them or is the innovation an unsustainable recession gimmick?

I have come across a restaurant in Ahmedabad, India. He never puts an invoice to his clients. Visitors who visit restaurant can pay any amount willingly in the gift box. There is no compulsion to the visitor or no invoice is created. Still today, this restaurant is working very effectively and not making any loss. They have no single visitors who have decided not to drop anything into the gift box.

I also came across a person in Pune, India who has put up a newspaper stall on the side of the crossroad. He put nearly 400 newspapers on the table and put a box where you can insert the cost of newspaper willingly. It was never a demand from the newspaper supplier.

Most of the time, he found that the income matched with his cost of production.

Creator, Restaurant owner and Newspaper supplier hardly came across any bitter experience where people have decided to pay nothing.

I believe very strongly that people are good from inside unless he proves otherwise.

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