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When I was studying in school, my hobby was to listen to radio programme. In those days it was a very powerful mode of entertainment. If you have Murphy radio at home, it means you are the richest person in your colony or the rich people can only effort it. Complete family used to sit together on Wednesday night at 8-00 p.m. to listen the most popular radio programme ‘Binaca Geetmala’ moderated by famous moderator Amin Sahani.

We were not allowed to listen to this programme as we were students and have to study. Father has ordered us not to sit in the drawing room and listen to this programme. But, we cannot live without that entertaining programme. So, we managed through our mother.

We were allowed to sit in the room with the condition that we will not touch the radio. At that time, radio was the most valuable item in our house, if we touch, we may spoil off the radio.

Father was very clear with his order, “You can sit but don’t touch. You will spoil off radio.”

In the year 2007, I was in Dubai giving my keynote address in the S.P. Jain Institute of Management Knowledge village. After completion of my keynote address, my host and the best friend Shoeb Hyder took me to market and said please select the gift for your home. I selected Apple branded iPod 30 GB. I packed it up in my bag and came home the next day.

As I was at home, cleaning my bag, my wife Geera and son Vishwang were sitting in front of me. My son saw an iPod (well packed) and lifted it up from the bag.

I ordered, “Give it to me.”

He said, “Don’t touch! You will spoil it.”

Immediately, I remembered my experience with father related to Bianca Geetmala.

I immediately took decision to learn iPod operation system. Next day, I sat with my son for three hours and learned how to operate iPod.

What’s fascinating is that people may have such kind of experiences but interpret it in different ways or do not take it seriously. That’s why their lives are different today.

Think about the three experiences that most powerfully have given you learning message. Think with new perspective, you could have considered never before. Start thinking with no boundaries. Let imagination flows irrespective of actual possibility. Think about tomorrow only. Do not enter into the past as I strongly believe “Past never equals Future.”

You may focus on your worst experience and you may focus on the best experience. In my eyes both have independent values. Something you can learn from those experiences which will create your better tomorrow.

Your experiences and references may enrich your life with limitless ideas. You must have conscious attitude to seek out ideas from your experiences. You have never thought of the place to be rich in the life that place could be open to you through referring experiences.

Thinking about multi experiences with different references will definitely help you in expanding your life.

Can I have attitude to share loving experiences with someone whom I love the most, shared some great experiences with him/her and that creates impact and meaning in the life. Which finally push him into new direction and to have new horizon? I think it is almost powerful gift to your well wisher from your end.

I think such experiences create happening and making things done in someone’s life. By that you make a place in his heart for life time.

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