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These 10 killing behaviours can spoil of relationship for life time.

Stop for a minute. Take a good look in the mirror as the mirror never speak lie.
Are you guilty of exhibiting any of following behaviours ?

These 10 killing pitfalls can mean the difference between an upward ride and a downward spiral in relationship.

1/ speaking bad words to another one for a person who is in relationship with you.
2/ Cutting anyone during conversation and force all others to listen what you speaks.
3/ Not following your words and expecting people to follow their words.
4/ when you commit mistakes you laugh and when other commits mistakes you fire them.
5/ Every time logical, calculative, profit oriented and double standards in relationship.
6/ Never stand with people in their bad phases and most critical time, even moral help is also not shown.
7/ One side usage like ATM machine in relationship.
8/ Speaking lie without any reason and found caught automatically after few days or weeks.
9/ Absolute artificial and super factious in relationship with everyone. Sometime, you share with some one such event with other one and that other one passed information to the original person.
10/ Never deliver promises and expecting help most of the time from them, if they are fail to help than relationship is at hanging sward.

Are you moving towards smoothness or tightness ? Are you moving forward or backward ? Are you finding true love in relationship.?

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