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The secret of success: a positive mental attitude

Authors: Napoleon Hill; W. Clement Stone

Be successive and rich!

It’s easy to say but hard to realize. It’s extremely hard if we have not a proper financial background, if we are alone in the world. It’s hard even if the reason is be sick, be outcast, be disappointed or sort of things. When we are in the trouble like these, it’s really difficult to get out of the trouble, to be strong, to be smart or to keep our place. When are in a deep trouble it’s really difficult to find a good helping hand according to my experiences.

From my own faults I had so serious problems. It seemed this is the end of all. It seemed I lost in this big world. I wanted to commit suicide. No matter, I had a good family background. No matter I had a psychologist, who wanted to help me with a treatment of rehabilitee. Nothing was able to pour a soul into me.

This book with positive irradiance was a really helping hand for me.  I laid its hands on it totally accidental as well as from impulse. Not too this important, however. But it, that Napoleon Hill and Clement Stone wrote a Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude to me.

This book is about me. It sounds for me. It sounds for everybody who wants to be rich, successful and happy. I believe it this is not only referring to property.

This book teaches to keep the problems under control. It shows a right way to success towards it from the profound depth. Seemingly, the only thing I had to do this that I applied techniques, methods included in this book. This book led to me an essential recognition through many examples. This recognition was simply: You can do it and I can do it! You and I are also capable to create richness and happiness without money. Merely, you should think positive and insane because this leads ahead exclusively.

This book gave me a proof: the secret of success is the positive mental attitude. By and large this is the real aim of this self it-self and optimistic book. An aim that shows a sanguine thinking. An aim, that we assimilate step-by-step a directions of that.

I start to get out of the trouble. I am on my way. I use a methodic this book, so I am more successive and more satisfied day by day.

Try it now. It will succeed certainly.
From this minute the key of success is in your hand. It’s just up to you, whether you live with it. Let’s go. Show it, that you can also do it.

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