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The language of successful marketing

The best marketing messages have six make-or-break characteristics in common, according to a recent post by Alex Goldfayn Goldfayn’s list suggests marketers should pay careful attention to both what they say and how they say it. In summary, his key insights on successful marketing language include:

  1. Simplicity – if you think your current messages are easy to understand, aim to simplify them even further for greater cut-through
  2. Lifestyle – think about the consumer first, does your message make it clear how your offering will make their life better?
  3. Value – describing technical specifications is less effective than detailing the value an offering brings to a customer
  4. Narrative – for a good dose of reality, it’s worth sharing stories of how people use a product or service
  5. Emotions – instead of using logical messages, get emotional with consumers by using language that inspires and engages
  6. Consistency – no matter what happens, continue to talk to your market otherwise they will migrant to competitors


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