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The Challenging Roles of HRD Professionals

I cannot say whether things will be better f if we get change, but what I can assure that they must change if they are to get better. A bird view on a global scenario forces you to reshape your skills and knowledge bank. HRD Professional has to change tools of his compass to influence the knowledge workers very effectively. As it is a firm believes in training that “learners never get fail, teachers do so”. In such situations HRD Professional has to equip himself with new technology and new philosophy to inspire the knowledge worker to achieve common goals.

HRD Professionals will face challenges in the coming time are…

A. Technology(skill):

Whatever changes world has seen in last 100 years more than those changes world is seeing in last ten years. ATM machine has replace pay order in a bank .Same way, new technology is changing old technology of the training world also. Web COURSE, Video Conferences and E- LEARNING are the best examples in the distance learning.

B. Culture(Attitude):

World has become a small global village. We find cultural changes in each country and benchmarking on a global scale is the only way to compete internationally. Each country is now moving towards global practices.(e.g.: JITS.(Just In Time with Smile).HRD professionals has to meet cultural Challenges.

C. Values(Behavior):

Principle centric leadership is a trend in business houses and corporate governance. World wide values are coming in to formality.( e.g. Trust, Creditability, Time ,Simple rule, are the exemplary values seen on the front side of the business world.)

D. Knowledge(Including information):

Knowledge enhancement for a HRD Professional will be a biggest challenge as he has to understand the new philosophy, which is demonstrated by the world at different places. (E.G. Leadership in top management is dramatically changing.) Knowledge on leadership was different in the year 2000 and leadership is differently demonstrated in the year 2007.. (Nelson Mandela, Bill Gates, Jack Welch)

E. Life style and trends( Habit):

New generation is a smart and fast and transparent generation. Life style of knowledge worker is change (e.g. Call centre).HRD Professionals have to understand new habits first than start imparting training to bring a change in the habits of knowledge workers.

F. Global practices(Time):

Dignity of individual, simple rules, Retention of an employee, Leadership by examples, clear conscience, Relationship with employees, stake holders, Vendors, suppliers, customers and society –at large are the new practices. Global rules are to be learnt well by a HRD Professional to conduct an effective session.

G. Environment:

The only context –invariant and time- invariant attributes of a successful corporation are an open environment; Meritocracy and fairness and justice, speed, Imagination, accountability and excellence in the execution is a current environment. HRD professional has to inspire knowledge workers to perform in the above environment.


Dr. Shailesh Thaker( Management Educator, CLO )

Knowledge Inc.


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