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The best way to improve relationships : first make efforts to change you.


Relationship problems are probably some of the most difficult and painful experiences that you encounter in your life. Sometimes, very close intimates disturb you totally. You have not expected and imagine even. Extremely disturb.

Sometimes people just do not treat you the way you want them to. They treat you the way they see you, but there are times when you just cannot change how others feel about you. They decide their grounds and rules to treat you on the basis of experiences, listen from others, observation and past mistakes. They never share with you such events or incidents.

They treat you of course, as per there wish. For all the treatment, whether you are accountable or not, that is your concern. They are not ready to change views.

Even, they change than they have decided to change themselves after few experiences. But it is in there purview, not yours. Even, you try; you are failing all the times.

The only thing you can do is change the way you think. You have complete control of what you think about the situation, how you feel about it, and what kind of attitude you will take. You cannot change how other people see you, so it is best to focus on how you can change your perception rather than agonizing over other people’s perceptions.

Even if someone mocks you, insults you, or teases you, just think, “do as you like,” and let it not bother you. That person may be misusing the freedom given by God, or the person could be actually trying to educate you in a harsh way.

Actually, both cases are possible.

Some people get upset simply because they do not like you. Others get upset because they are worried about you and want to guide you to a better direction in life. Whatever the case may be, the only thing you can do is change yourself. Change the way you think, how you see others, and how you treat others.

The best way to improve relationships is to first make efforts to change you.

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