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The 11 Rules To Grow Your Business In 21st Century

1. As we look into the 21st century, leaders will be those who create leaders at all levels. Second line of the leadership shall be developing in the organization.

2. Narayana Murthy said, “Clean slip on a soft pillow is a policy at INFOSYS”. Doing business on the business is fair in the business. Good work and clarity in the communication and relations require.

3. Principles, Planet, Product, People and Profit are the 5 major pillars of the organization. Business that makes only profit is not a business.

4. Business leaders are gradually known as behavioral model and youth of the nation follows them with pride.

5. Walking on the talking. Ratan Tata said, “We have promised to the world that we will deliver a car in 2000$. So, we are doing it.”

6. Focus on core competency. Time management mathematics followed by a leader is 7*31*365.

7. Create uniqueness in the business. In any segment, you will find thousands of competitors. What is special in you? Your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) is branded gradually.

8. Control your calendar of 20% and 80%. 20% customers, who are offering and 80% profit to your business. These two areas should be your focus.

9. “These days, building the best server is not enough. That’s just the price of entry”, said Ann Liven, CEO Hewlett Packard. You are at your best. At any moment of a day, you cannot do better then your best.

10. Leadership is defined by results. Result is everything. No ‘because’, No ‘reasoning’, No ‘debate’ and No ‘arguments’, only strive to get ‘RESULT’.

11. Recently, President Obama has said, “I am screwed up.” Earlier his statement was “Yes, we can change”. Leadership is screwing up with time. It is never easy. Hopefully, everyday is a new and fresh challenge. Meeting and facing challenges and winning over them, is the essence of leadership.

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