Monday , 15 October 2018
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Few kind of people are need to be aware…let me explain you these few people so you can have better life and better relationship in coming years….. People whom you trust lot and behave most of the time against your expectations. They are connected with you for self interest, Absolute self fish people. Always share feelings as per the situations ...

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You should check your DO NOT list.

  Leaders are productive and result oriented. To achieve maxim productivity cut following most unproductive items from your day life . If you get decent value from making to-do lists, you’ll get huge returns–in productivity, in improved relationships, and in your personal well-being–from adding these items to your not to-do list: My do not list: Do not avoid people in ...

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The command-and-control approach to management has in recent years become less and less viable. Globalization, new technologies, and changes in how companies create value and interact with customers have sharply reduced the efficacy of a purely directive, top-down model of leadership. What will take the place of that model? Part of the answer lies in how leaders manage communication within ...

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How To Lead In A Crisis LEARN FROM LBJ

Since 1982, historian Robert Caro has been chronicling the life of the 36th President of the United States, Lyndon B. Johnson. The first three volumes of the Years of Lyndon Johnson series were met with wide acclaim. The third volume, Master of the Senate, won the Pulitzer Prize in 2003. Now, Caro has released volume four: The Passage of Power, ...

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