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leaders must learn : strategy about saying "NO"

Strategy sounds like a complex subject.  It isn’t.  It boils down to one word – no. Strategy is about saying “no” to things that will distract you from reaching your destination.  Too often we become enamored with the latest cool new idea when it would actually be best to say no to pursuing it.  Why?  Resources (including focus and energy) ...

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Why boards fail to choose the right CEO

  Directors must seize control of CEO selection and pursue the task in a way that’s fundamentally new at most companies. Here are a few of the most critical steps boards need to take. Leo Apotheker lasted only 11 months at the top of Hewlett-Packard By Ram Charan FORTUNE — It’s becoming an epidemic: the dead-on-arrival CEO who is doomed ...

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It had been a long, hot August day. We’d driven over six hundred miles and it was near 11 pm as we entered Kingman, Arizona. We pulled off and picked a motel. Much to my surprise, it being mid-week, the deskman informed me they were full. Next place, it was the same story. This time, I asked the clerk for ...

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There are many fields were we need extra ordinary person not the number of persons. Suppose, take Tennis game, we have extra ordinary person Roger, but we cannot allow mediocre 15 tennis players at the place of Roger. We need extra ordinary talent, not talent of many persons from a mediocre level. In my view, mediocracy has no place in ...

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