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25 inspirational quotation from Dr. Shailesh Thaker

1/ yes, you are smart. You are gentle also. Can you manage time properly? Can you attend priorities which you had set prior a day? Can you meet deadlines? Can you use most productive time very efficiently? Can you provide net time to family members? Can you enjoy deep sleep of net 7.5 hours every night? Can you save time ...

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1/ Daily work out: Work out of 40 minutes of any kind is advisable. All research suggest very strongly for work out. It could be aerobic, swimming, running, walking and yoga. 2/ Meditation: Bringing mind, body and soul to gather at one place without fail to get organize for remaining hours of day. 3/ Sleep: Net 7 hours sleep is ...

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leadership : . It's not about a brand, a reputation, a persona. It's about reality.Who you really are.

Steve Jobs wasn’t successful just because of his brilliance—he truly understood what people wanted. Truly happy and successful people get that way by becoming the best, most genuine version of themselves they can be. Not on the outside–on the inside. It’s not about a brand, a reputation, a persona. It’s about reality. Who you really are. Sounds simple, I know. ...

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Time has come to redesign new strategy .

Models in front of an Abercrombie & Fitch store in Singapore. source : flickr. While losing ground to competitors, Abercrombie & Fitch still has tremendous brand potential. But to get things back on track, the company must adjust its approach to product, merchandising, marketing and retail. Time is completely change of business world. Now you need new strategy to market ...

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Good words are not persuasive; persuasive words are not good.”

Lao-tzu very powerfully asserted, “Truthful words are not beautiful; beautiful words are not truthful. Good words are not persuasive; persuasive words are not good.” You need to be creditable first. You also have to believe that you can do it, complete it, at any cost. No cost is a cost against your commitment to get it complete. You believe and ...

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