Tuesday , 16 October 2018
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10 tips to meet painful situations to win over.

As you could be living painful life. you can have different painful experiences. Probably, everyday, you could have different painful experience. But that is what is great life. Pain free life and struggle free success is not possible. You must fight with your goals. Slowly, you should transfer your pain in to strength and move forward. Following tips will certainly ...

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What is one thing that stops you from truly succeeding today?

According to the thousands of business owners and sales professionals for whom I have led training workshops, there has been an all too prevalent theme that inhibits people from bringing them the wealth and results they desire. It really comes down to a few common behaviors that can be really boiled down to in one word: procrastination. I gave up ...

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In a recent interview on T.V GTPL  I was interviewed by well known anchor Devang Bhatt. to identify the “X Factor” qualities in entrepreneurs and executives who tend to rise above the rest. I narrated following qualities as listed below   1/ Aim the Highest 2/ Change the Speed 3/ Stare down Trouble 4/ Fall in Love 5/ Accept Discomfort ...

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