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Sustaining Development through Change Leadership

Sustaining Development through Change Leadership (SDtCL) is a process that any organization can use to ensure the delivery of its most challenging projects. It works by identifying and quantifying the leadership skills necessary to get the job done whilst providing the means to develop, measure and quality-assure the capabilities of members of the project team.

The SDtCL process is client-focused and project-based with 5 distinct phases: (i) Exploration; (ii) Foundation; (iii) Infrastructure; (iv) Launch; and (v) Sustainability. The IFTDO template for sustaining development has 12 distinct features which are underpinned by 60 leadership competencies. The process is implemented through tutors in IFTDO Delivery Partner Institutions; the tutors are quality-assured on an individual basis against three levels of assessment. Internal accreditation is mandatory for tutors – external accreditation is optional.

The benefits of the SDtCL process to organizations include:

• In company projects being at the heart of the process;

• Projects having to be a compelling need for the organization;

• Learning being transferred immediately to real work;

• Organizations being effective in persuading donors and investors of their capability;

• Succession being planned for leaders in sustaining development.

The benefits to Change Leaders include:

• Leaders working on their normal work as projects;

• Full recognition being given to existing capabilities and experience;

• The process being tailored to individual needs and proceeding at a pace in keeping with work and family situations;

• Gaining an award of an internationally recognised qualification;

• Assessment methods being integrated into the normal performance review process.


Dr. Barry Oxtoby: Visiting Professor, University of Chester, UK

Antony Twigger: Executive Director, IFTDO

Hameed Saleh: Director, Bahrain Training Institute

Jaleel Talaq: SDtCL Project Director, Bahrain Training Institute

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