Tuesday , 23 October 2018


I was thinking intensely during my morning walk at 5-00 a.m. today morning. “How can God help someone?”

My answer for this question was “By Giving Image” which came out from my deep experiences and references.

Man or Woman works on the above idea and get result which creates happiness in his or her life. ‘Mankind should live happily’ that is the only goal of GOD.

Let your imagination flow today. Explore maximum possibilities in the life. You have to imagine and think with all past experiences and all past references. One of the strongest and the most powerful connection to your inner-nets is “IMAGE”.

“The words or the language as they are written or spoken do not seem to play any role in my mechanism of thought.The physical entities which seem to serve as elements of thoughts are certain signs and more or less clear images which can be voluntarily reproduced and combined…this combination seems to play the essential feature in productive thought,” quoted Albert Einstein.

It is more powerful than our rational thoughts. You can access up to your subconscious level. I firmly believe that ‘IMAGES’ are powerful than words. IMAGES can create those ideas, which you do not know you have imagined.

IMAGES are connected with 5 senses. It can be in mode of taste, emotions or smell. We do not know that we possess great ideas because that do not fit with the current life or hard focus mode or unable to register or not recorded rightly on the habit map. What new imagination can bring your life to new heights?

After accomplishing that achievement you will be at a new stage of life. Hopefully, none from your city, family, country had tried and reached to that level.

Explore and imagine.

Brain works in the language of Images. It is a proven science. We can invite our unconscious mind to develop such pictures, colours, movies and show us one way in which it can achieve or it can run out very well in the life. We can create ways of handling the trickiest situations or badly run events in our lives.

We can definitely do much better by Images.

I strongly recommend three tools that GOD has gifted humanity for better life.

1) Creative visualisation

2) Positive Affirmations

3) Meditation

Imagination is completely free from reality, hard core modes and habit map.

What will make you the great leader in your profession? What new ideas will expand your boundaries and its results to put you at the new place?

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