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Success is worthy realization of you efforts.

I have a practice of workout for an hour in the morning. I start’s walking at 5-45 A.M.Today, while walking, I was thinking about “success”. Everybody wants to be successful. WHY? What is that?

You will find different definitions of great philosophers and business coaches. You can come cross success guru, who trained people to be successful. How to get what you want that strategy is preach by those guru. Even I had seen a business guru, who was training people for how to make money, finished his life indebt and in bad shape.

My mutual discovery was asking me about the success? Is it a success? If it is YES, Show me at least some examples.

Success is realizing WORTHY returns of your 100 percentage efforts. Success is about from where you have started journey in your life and conquering new heights.

Success for someone days of agony and pain are over and glooming day are passing. Success for someone is to make millions of money. Success for someone may be making her children respectful citizen. Success for someone is peaceful life with comfort. Success for someone is Perfect body and sound mind. Success for someone Is living with beautiful wife. Success for someone to built 11 temples for his religion. Success for someone to get excellent scores in examination. (Of course those results never help you in the life.)

Success can not come over night. It always takes years. In some of the cases success takes decades. Some time, we see somebody come on the top overnight but it is not a life long achievement. People who have invested years become legend or icons.

Nelson Mandela, APJ Kala, Cartoonist R.K. Lax man , T.A. Edison, Bismillakhan and many more….are the example of putting sincere efforts in the life to reach to some place in the life. In fact, they do not want to reach some place but because of efforts they have reached at some place, where no body has reached before. We called it success.

I call worthy realization of your efforts.

Success is never definition, it is a demonstration.

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