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Slogging Till The End

Jennifer Lopez has said recently that she will remain in the glamour industry till she is 71 years old. The singer, who has become a mother in recent years, has no plans of curtailing her career.

“I will be doing some form of this when I am 71. This is what I do. What, because I have kids and a husband, I am not supposed to be me? I am hyper Jenifer Lopez.”

“Everything I wanted before, I want twice as much now. Not material things – but to explore and think more. Being an artist does not start because you are 21 and it does not end because you are 51. You need that time to grow. You cannot be.”

“Oh, I am out of public, I am going to have to make a comeback. I may be ready at 71, but I will.”

Talent has no age. Talent is never born nor die. Talents have infinite time.
Leaders do tap at the fullest and use potentiality up to optimum level. Leadership is maximum use of unused potentiality. Physical age and physical achievement have least concern.

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