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Silence a true friend that never betrays

Silence is a most powerful tool to be kept in the compass of a leader. Silence speaks more than words.
Silence creates 3 major points.
Firstly, the other person may not judge your state of mind. When you do not have good answer, silence is the best option.
Second, you do not allow them to reach to a wrong conclusion about your decision.
Third, you may have to regret about what you had spoken but never would you have to express regret for silence. In family, organization, social circle, we speak without ill will or any intention to hurt others yet it could be perceived wrongly. Then you have to say sorry. WHY?
Your modesty of language, level of intelligence and hidden beliefs are kept in the dark because of silence. Let the other person read or misread.
I find relationship exists between speaking and maintaining silence. Better living and spiritual thoughts cannot flow where there is noise and restlessness. Nature is the true example of silence. See how trees, flowers, grass grow in silence; see the stars, the moon and the sun, how they move in silence… We need silence to be able to touch our souls.
Profound leaders I have seen in my life have preferred silence and have lived with silence. I believe it is a most powerful weapon used by them for lifetime. You are able to preserve and enrich your thoughts while going about worldly affairs with the help of silence.
In silence you travel within. Once, you start living with yourself, you could be more true to life and full of vitality and spirit. In silence, you are more powerful than the power of words. People could misjudge you by your words and not by your silence.
Silence offers indirectly more power and makes you powerful when you speak. Your words must have value. You cannot just throw your words in air.
Reader of LEAD TO WIN series must realize power of spoken words and power of silence.

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