Thursday , 20 September 2018
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Show love and you will see love

It never has been an incantation of our life whether the world is good or bad; trustworthy or not; or is passing through a period of collapse in moral values; or full of corruption or dangerously polluted.
The significance of our existence is much more and it is all about….
Our understanding of the true meaning of life in this world; its purpose; nobleness of the soul; difference we make to this world by way of our actions both good and bad. What then can give us peace following our actions? Can it be doing something by rote without understanding what we are actually doing, without a care for others?
Remember the philosopher who said opportunity for doing mischief is found hundred times a day while that of doing good only once in a year? Merely thinking about good thoughts is not enough. Nor merely doing good deed is. See that others are following your good examples. That indeed is the true spirit of life. No doubt world is a place to live. Let us live amicably and to the fullest.

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