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Shift + Delete = New Life

People usually fall into bad habits and as a result have to pay consequences or high price for it because of its effects. Some people have bad experiences and they carry emotions and feeling of that experience for their entire life. Some people have clashes, ups – downs, misunderstanding in relationships. They experience mental block in relationship which spoils their tomorrow and its benefits. Some people live with guilt feeling, anxieties or develop phobias, which have actually no relevance or provide any benefit to their lives. But, still they stick to it and are not ready to open themselves to new opportunities. In business houses, business leaders stick to their old policies, old ideas, and are not prepared for new business trends and later on incur heavy loss due to this in business.

Such kind of mental files are stored in your brain and they are on the fore like we have files stored on our computer screens. Such useless, unproductive and unhealthy files are to be cleared out by an individual. If you cannot help yourself to remove these files then whom do you think is going to help you in this task. You yourself are the best person to help yourself.

Remember you can bring horse to the lake for drinking water but you cannot force it to drink water.

Use shift + delete key in your life for permanently removing the unwanted files (bad experiences) from your screen that is from your mind. So, it won’t even go to your recycle bin and then you are free from such unhealthy files for better tomorrow.

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