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Shamoo is showing me way of life in Kampala


This is 6-00 a.m. in my room number 308 in the Hotel Fairway, Kampala. I am seating with my favourite cup of coffee Nescafe.  I am just reviewing last evening meeting with patron of Catholic university, Kampala.

While going to meet him I was with the driver shamoo. I was seating in a front glass facing seat and sharing and watching him.

He was sharing some mind blowing lessons of life.

First, he asked for no over tracking. Unnecessary avoid hassles in the life. No point in inviting worry in the life when you do not have serious cause. Be in a schedule, plan yourself, follow rules, and reach to destination in time.

Second, he share that focus on your vehicle. Make sure that you are driving your vehicle very properly. You do not come across others vehicle and push down. Focusing on others vehicle means, unnecessary wasting time, energy and resources. At the same time, you also lost energy and time for your selves. Make sure that, you drive your vehicle very properly, safely, on the track, obeying policy and leading to the destination where you are suppose to reach.

Third, he taught me that enjoy driving. He was smiling while driving, relaxing. He said no stress. Just live and enjoy life. I find him stress free. It was moments full of fun. Listening music, relaxing, driving, reaching to your destination in time. What a way to life, smiling, relaxing, enjoying and doing work with pleasure. Celebrating fun. Could I do the work the way he was doing in my life?

Fourth, I learn from him was no other expectation. He uploaded my baggage in the room. After that he shakes hand, release smile, take permission to leave and went away. I could not find any kind of expectation on his face.Unnecessary expectation in the life invite few troubles. Those causes slowly put a light to fire. Finally, a time come when you are catch under deep issues.

Fifth, he had no complained in the life. If I think, he could have one hundred complains in life but did not occur single complain. Let me commit frankly that he had no regret for not achieving monetary success and high dreams. I could not find him rich monetary but from heart he was richest. I find him live with pleasure.

I learn four great lessons of life. Do not invite unnecessary hassles, focus in life, no complain attitude and enjoy work and no other expectation from people.

I am shipping cup of coffee and reviewing ….

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