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Based Project Management is a term I use to describe the origin industry for which one implements project management principles. For instance, my basis for Project Management knowledge is related to construction. Project Managers are found in industries such as Banking, Computer Science, Engineering, Architecture, and Construction. So the industry might be driven by a different objective but the tools and techniques i.e. the philosophies of project management apply across most industries.


Although I had been unknowingly implementing PM tools, techniques, and skills at a young age, the industry that I choose to work in as a professional project manager is engineering and construction, so my basis of PM knowledge is in that field. Many of the industries mentioned above have some sort of professional certification such as a professional engineers certification, a certified public accountant, a registered architect obtained from the American Institute of Architects, or a Masters of Business. In project management, we strive to obtain certification through the project management institutes professional certification program. That is where I started my journey in obtaining my Professional certification.


The process for certification was some what daunting for me I started my research using the Project Management Institutes web site and followed the road map that would eventually allow me to sit for the certification exam. In my opinion, the organization is the cornerstone of the profession. It is one of the best sources for providing the basics required in learning project management and provides continuing education opportunities. I recommend that if you decide to peruse a professional certification, you join this organization.


It is filled with resources to help you on you journey. More and more industries are starting to become aware of the validity of hiring a project manager who is certified because it lets the organization know that you are credible in your ability to perform project management tasks because you hold a globally recognized certification. So if you decide you would like to know more and peruse certification you should also start by looking for project management courses near you.


 Many community colleges, technical schools, colleges and universities across the country, and around the world, offer some sort of classes in project management but be sure they are sponsored by the project management institute because then you will have confidence when selecting an academic degree program or class that they are accredited by PMI and will have undergone a rigorous review process.



 In addition to a value added education, this will help you produce valuable contact hours that will be needed when applying to sit for exams. One hurdle that some of my collogues found hard to get over when perusing certification was the amount of verifiable experience hours required to sit for the Project Management Professional PMP. To me- this is one of the reasons why PMP certificates are so valuable.

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