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Right means walk on talk

“ The caliber of a person is not how well he prepares for everything to go  right but how he stands up and moves on after everything has gone wrong” said by very dynamic young man Mr. Hetal Dave by today morning to me.

Global slowdown has created a tough time for lots of business leaders. Most of the strategy is fail. Most of the planning is fail. Goal sating programme is miserably fail in the current time. Conditions beyond control have affected your self and life and organisation.

which resource you should investigate and at what place to stand RIGHT.

In my eyes, biggest resource is your own self and your inside. Now you have to get up and stand tall. Tough.  Very tough. YES!

How you are with your values? How you are with your habits? What happened to your norms and ideology when things go wrong?

 I come across huge examples where things go wrong people stand up differently. First they change their words. Not walking on talking is a culture and practice at large in the country when a thing goes wrong, People have logics and reasons to defend themselves. But that’s not true.

Standing “RIGHT “means what

RIGHT is to stand tall with words, values and commitment.

These people will never stand as a behavior model in their own community and society. Who will remember them after 50 years? They cannot preside any team .Leadership is always performance never position.

WALKING ON TALKING. No reasons. No excuses. No logics .No arguments. Only actions and only results.

“WORNG” doesn’t mean you are fail….it just means you have to try one more time. That’s all.

Who has not faced WRONG situation? Mahatma Gandhi, Dr. APJ Kalam, Dr. Kurian, Martin Luther king, Nelson Mandela  and Thomas Alwa Edison all have faced WORNG. These great leaders have decided to stand RIGHT  by actions with values and accomplish the mission .

Accomplishment is everything.

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