Friday , 21 September 2018


Great line was highlighted in New York Times from Scott Rockfeld of Microsoft, who was speaking about Google’s upcoming release of the G1 phone to compete with the iPhone:

“Replacement is the rule.”

LCD TV is gradually replacing simple colour T.V. Plastic money has replaced cash currency. Carbon paper has been replaced by Xerox machine. At the same time, Mobile is simultaneously replacing landline. Linux is replacing MS Office. President of USA Obama has replaced George Bush. Andrew Strauss has replaced Kevin Pietersen as the new captain of England cricket team. Nadal with his tremendous performance in tennis has replaced Federer in ‘The Grand Slam of Asia/Pacific’ in Australia. Global warming is replacing balanced weather conditions of the planet.

The rule is replacement.

Globally, you can find replacement is taking place, whether it is a product, people or planet.

Replacement is becoming a constant process. If it won’t happen, someone will replace you.

Continuous changes and constant improvements are the contemporary happenings in the world. Any organisation or person, who will not value this process, will be found completely outdated after few days. To be on live screen or to be at the top of the market or to be at the place where you are alive, if you are planning to be there, for few more years, follow the rule of constant improvement and continuous change. One has to bring changes in his or her selves.

Think of one area of your work or personal life that is in a constant state of a change—perhaps one that brings with it a great stress.

Identify appropriate principles that can be a source of guidance or stability in this situation.

Using these bedrock principles, consider what choices you can make to adapt to the onslaught of change. A passion for a change will fuel your life.

I wish you well and hope you will find encouragement through principle-centered living and leadership, especially when faced with this global financial challenge and your personal or professional challenges.

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