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QED is very easy CA is very hard

Quit Easily Done (QED)

Quitting is very easy. “The most common trait that I have found in all successful people is that they all have conquered the temptation to give up,” said Peter Lover and I readily agree with the thought in Toto city (Cunene, Angola).

To destroy relationship because of one bad incident is too easy. To quit studies because you are detained in the same standard is quite easy. Quitting business because of conflicts with partners is effortless and easy. Leaving important task halfway, does not require any efforts, it is actually very easy. To push somebody in the lake, without a second’s thought, is not so difficult but it is too hard to pull him out from that depth of water. In business, professional or personal life quitting is very easy. Quitting in relationships, quitting from goals, quitting from adventure and new challenges is always easy.

M K Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Lincoln were not quitters but they were conquerors. They all have conquered this temptation.

Their slogan was ‘Come Again’.

They were not like stones, which when once thrown never turned back. But, they were probably like Australian’s weapon ……….which always turned back to the pre-decided target.

Edmund Hillary, the first man to climb Mount Everest, stood up in London to address the audience; behind the stage was a huge photograph of Everest. Hillary turned around facing the photograph and said, “Mount Everest, you have defeated us but I will return. And, I will defeat you because you cannot get any bigger but I can.”

Come again is very tough. It is rock climbing task but leaders do. Most of the time they win. Leaders usually live with winning habit.

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