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Progress: Key to Success Motivation

Progress, progress, progress is the name of the game my friends. For, progress, is key to success motivation. Everyone that I know wants to progress and move forward uninhibited in any way possible. It’s unbelievable the level of frustration, unhappiness and dissatisfaction that ensue from the lack of progress either personally or professionally today in our society. It is simply improbable to progress without any definite direction, sense of purpose and crystal clear goals. The development of your potential(s) and the understanding of your unique intent will bring about progress, fulfillment and satisfaction beyond your wildest dream. On the other hand, please understand that there is no fulfillment and satisfaction in stagnation but unhappiness and frustration.


Most people set goals and are fired up to achieving them but too soon all that enthusiasm and motivation dissipate into the ether allowing their dreams and expectation go unfulfilled just for the lack of progress. Is it to lose that unwanted weight, to build a business or to read that book whatever your goal is, to have fulfillment and satisfaction you’ve got to have a way to measure your progress daily and celebrate every inch of it. It is important to measure the progress so as to keep your success motivation at an appreciable level. Undeniably, success is all about, making daily progress congruent with your core values and moving onward and upward toward your desired outcome.


You came into this world with incredible potential(s) surrounded by the possibilities of success, happiness and achievement. You were designed and wired up for forward motion as you harness your innate potential(s) and explore the unending possibilities that abound within and without. Rich DiGirolamo observed, “Belief in yourself, belief in your abilities, will override fear almost every time. The only thing we are afraid of is what we are capable of accomplishing.” Some of the beliefs that you hold have been developed over a period of time because of what you have experienced in the past or your orientation in life. It will be remarkable to discover that some of the beliefs you have embraced encompasses nothing with your present reality but because these are long held beliefs you hold on to them at the expense of your overall wellbeing. This is negating all your efforts to progress toward the attainment of your purpose.


Self-limiting belief is the one single obstacle to any meaningful progress the key to success motivation in any aspect of life. These are beliefs that will hinder your progress and your ability to move forward. Beliefs such as lack of intelligence, creativity, personality, the inability to speak publicly, inability to earn higher income or the inability to achieve your goals and the likes are all enemies of progress. Even if you are setting goals, making plans and taking action, self-limiting beliefs will sabotage your progress and undermine the greatness that lies within you.



You have to identify the origin of your self-limiting beliefs, change your associations, read and listen to empowering materials, stay away from anything that is toxic to your state of mind and Find a mentor who can walk you through some of these detours. Follow these steps to achieve any goal you set for yourself, whether it’s weight loss, health gain, extended longevity, or something else altogether. Remember success is all about progress toward your desired expectation. Begin now and see that you are unstoppable.

Richard One bamoi Success Facilitator, Success Empowerment Network™


By Richard One bamoi

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