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Profit is a language

I am seating in coffee cafe day with my favourite coffee at Cine Mall Wide Angel and enjoying my favourite and inspiration book “ Leadership lessons from Bhagwad Geeta.”
I had reached Chapter 12 and referring my life events, especially, my workshops.
I am able to collect one participant, who asked me a question while discussing ACTION QUOTIENT.
Participants have clear thinking of profit. He believes in advantage language. Weather it is relationship, business and any kind of transactions. He is searching for profit only. Let me clearly state that his attitude was only profit. Absolute profit – absolute relationship.
His deliverers or commitment or consistency depend upon profit in relationship. If he found that you are profitable to him or you can be in network through you, he can make profit than you found him live and active and decent with you. Once, the goal is over, your relationship is also over.
How this profit language does is recommendable and could be a way of living? How much it is connected with ethics and values? Does it show a way of life?
Where the LAW OF ACTION does stands. !!!!

I am taking one deeper sheep of coffee and sail in to thinking. Is it a real way of living? Could someone become so conscious with his goals and plans? Could someone become so much self centric? Could someone become real role player? Up to what extend you could rely on this relationship?
My analysis is going on…… on………. Bhagwad Geeta is in front of me…COFFEE is with me….
I wear the show which participants wear and thinking….. I am able collect few thinking..(Do not jump into right or wrong).
Life is too short and i have my goals. If i find that this person could not help me, could not support me, i do not have any kind of advantage with this person, why should i waste time, energy and resources with him. I have my goals, plans and wishes. I cannot effort to lose time and suffer winning. I am born to win so i need to move forward. I need to be specific with people and task.
I could be prove wrong in some cases, so what, i have to try … trying….failing…adjusting….trying,… I do not have any other option. But one thing is very

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