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Power of present is infinite and priceless. Present is everything. You need to understand importance of present since it is something that can never be repeated. The present has no past or future.

Power of now is the real formula for happy living. Purpose of life is living and nothing else. Learning to live in moments with physical and mental harmony is the true way of leading life.

Power of here has biggest impact and it creates everlasting impressions on the planet. Most of the time there is lack of harmony between physical and mental harmony.

You must know what can be your legacy.  You never live for your legacy, but live in a way that legacy is born from your life itself. Your life thus becomes a message of legacy.

To lead life in most the effective manner, one should follow rules and ways that contain a charisma of life. Knowing the power of moment and living in those moments add value to your life.

Life is gifted to all of us to live not to achieve goals and create success. Success is nothing but a by-product of your deeds and action. You are born to live in moment at fullest. You must celebrate your existence on planet as you are most unique. None should die before his/her actual death. The real tribute is to live and live life to its fullest.

Living in moments with 100 percentage focus is the most effective manner to lead life. Focus is to make maximum utilization of your potential and competency.

You have to achieve life goals and soul goals. The important goal to live is not to achieve success. The fact that you are alive is the true success. Life thus bestows happiness on us. Happiness is something that cannot be found in any shopping mall. Happiness is inside you, do not find out side.

Living life spontaneously, using competency at fullest, creating legacy, power of presence and inside happiness rules can sum up the tools in your compass.

If not now and here then when and why? Most powerful fact of life is the present and nothing but this very moment.

Kindly, do not read this as merely an activity to pass your vacant time. Each rule enlisted here will add value to your life. Start reading with a pencil in your hand so that you can mark important rules that can make a vast difference to the life. All the rules enlisted here will be able to make substantial difference in the life. All the rules have stuff in itself. Full reading, noting, understanding and resolutions will give true meaning to efforts.

From today onwards, this creation is set to become your creation.

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