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Politics Re-defined

Have you ever seen a person dieing in front of you who is either elder to you or younger than you? Have you seen a person in hospital bed suffering from illness or having plaster on his left foot with tractions? Have you ever seen a road accident or a person dieing on the road or lying in the pool of blood and urging for help or blood just oozing out of his body and moaning in severe pain? Have you ever come across a person who slept without food or seen a person sleeping on the road as he has no home? Have you seen a person walking with clutches or is unfortunate without a pair of legs? Have you ever seen a person continuously walking 24*7*365 then also living life with no pleasure, no joy and no gist to lead a happy life? Have you come across people who have lost their families in Tsunami, earthquake or a volcano?

In most of the above questions, your answer may be “YES”. My question is why you were not there instead of them? Why someone else is there in your place? Don’t you think it is God’s politics to keep you away from these events or accidents or fatal life incidents?

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