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PIPO (Positive In Positive out)

Managers have two ways to lead. Lead with love (Positive) and lead with fear (Negative). Lead with love is a leadership of heart and lead with fear is a leadership of head.

Leading with love (coaching and mentoring) created ever lasting impressions on the team. Lead with fear also created results but what happened with the emotions of the team. (Don’t say if you wan to work with me leave all emotions at home)

Leaders have to equip themselves with this soft skill tool. We were not born with negativity. We all have learnt it in this world .Now we have to unlearn negativity. Jealous, Anger, Guilt, Anxiety and many more emotions created negative aura around you which gradually works on your performance and Health and morale of the team.

Once you start imparting positivity in down the line people, Output and performance will be enhancing. People will prefer to work and they will never take it as a job. Coaching and Mentoring leadership is to be demonstrated by managers and CEO.

Blasting on the people and taking left and right of the people will produce what? (I think you pamper your ego). After your input what effect is created? Do you think it has affect on the morale of the team? If’ no’ then why you are doing such non sense behavior. (Sound mind is your issue; do not treat it as a team issue).

Place Bo effect and Power of believe has shown the 1000 examples to the world. A great film of Bollywood “Munnabhai MBBS” has demonstrated impact of positivity. Most of the management schools have taken the film as a part of syllabus.

Creative work place, Smooth relationship and stress free mind can be created by positive input. I strongly believe that output will be better. Apply for 21 days in the organization and see the impact in the organization. GOOD LUCK. Leaders are dealers in hope so deal with hope.

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