Sunday , 23 September 2018


Yesterday, I was conducting my MDP (Mind Developing Programme) for CEOs “CREATING MENTOR IN-HOUSE” in India.

I asked a question to all the powerful participants who want to be a leader.

Did Thomas Alva Edison quit?


Did the Tenzing and Hillary quit?


Did Dr.APJ Kalam quit?


Did Robin Joseph ever quit?

Answer did not come for this question for a long time. There is was pin-drop-silence.

After a moment, one CEO got up and asked,

“Who is Robin Joseph in the world? Probably, none of us have heard about him.”

I said, “You have never heard about Robin Joseph because he quit.”

People who quitted and gave up never reached to the final destination. After inventing bulb Edison said, “I have shown 1000 ways to the world through which bulb could not have been invented.”

Nobody across the globe is recognised for quitting. Sincerely telling in my life, I do not know a single person who became great has quitted. And, I have edited lives of 400 great people of the last 2000 years. It starts from Christ and end at Bill Gates.

People who gave up are sometimes very close to success and they have never realised their value of efforts, energy and time they have invested in it.

People start with bubbling enthusiasm and promptness. In the beginning people are excellent with their work. You may think that he may finish early. But, the last 10 percent is always very difficult. Most of the people lose spirit, enthusiasm, joy of finishing, interest before the finishing line. They come to the finishing point with no charm. They just complete it because they have to complete it. But, the spirit level at the starting of the race and finishing point is very much different.

The biggest management lesson is the ‘End result’. If your ‘End result” is not successful than in my eyes you have not started even. If the ‘End result’ is not achieved and even if achieved, you cannot put it in the flower pot of success. What is the meaning of taking that project or task or relationship if the same zeal and curiosity is not shown in the end result?

Hannibal profoundly says, “We will either find a way or make one.” People need determination to rock over all the obstacles. Successful people never sit back and wait for the success to come by itself. They always lead with perseverance.”

Perseverance is not only trying. Perseverance is not also doing constantly. Perseverance is never after the goal with hard work. But, it is a commitment to the project or task or relationship with multiple-intelligence. People are determined with ‘End result’ attitude.

There are no shortcuts to ‘End result’. Perseverance is doing things regularly with full commitment. Your dedication towards task or action should be of same level on the passage of everyday. On the contrary, it is to be more strengthening with everyday pass on. So, you can go closer to the final point.

Most of the people quit when they find that their idea is not going to work and they are convinced with this feelings and decide not to go ahead. In fact, they are very close to the final point. How to cross this situation? How can you break your SLB? (Self Limiting Beliefs).

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