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Permanent Change is Possible Only from inside

Dr Varghese Kurien is a Chairman of AMUL an unparallel brand in dairy industry in India.

Once he called the Collector of Kheda District to Anand and complained about the corrupted railway stationmaster. Stationmaster of Anand Railway station was asking for Rs.5 per can to load all the cans in the train.

In those days, milk was supplied to Mumbai from Anand, Gujarat. At night, when train arrives, the workers have to upload milk-can in the train. Station master stated, “All this is illegal. I will not allow all these things happen here. If you want to go ahead then you have to pay Rs.5 per can and then only I will allow you to carry on with your work.”

Mr. Kurien is a very honest and the most dynamic officer of Amul dairy. He could not allow such activities. So, he called the Collector for the necessary actions.

Collector replied, “Today, I am occupied but I will visit in couple of days and will take necessary actions.”

After two days, the collector visited Anand. He went to Dr. Kurien’s house first and then they jointly held a meeting with railway stationmaster.

Collector appreciated activities of railway stationmaster. He said, “I am a government officer of Gujarat and they have sent me specially to appreciate your duties and efforts. I came especially for this purpose only. Railway department is pleased to have a very honest and dynamic officer after a long time like you. I sincerely appreciate your activities.”

After appreciating, Collector and Dr. Kurien went out of the office of railway stationmaster. Kurien was annoyed and angry. He fired Collector. He said, “I have called you to take necessary actions on the corrupted officer but, on the contrary, you have appreciated him. That’s too much.”

Collector replied to Dr. Kurien, “Today I have tried to make a person alive from inside. If that man becomes alive today, the next day onwards he will never ask for money. And do you have any guarantee that the other officer will be honest and not corrupted.”

“I believe a positive change. Wait up to tomorrow; you will see a live man in him in the next couple of hours.”

After this incident, Collector returned to Kheda and Dr. Kurien went back to his place. On the following day, at night, when the train arrived, he did not ask for any money and supported the dairy administrative and milk suppliers to upload cans in the train.

Living from inside is everything. Once you become internal driven, you do not need any supervision nor do you need any supervisor.

After meeting community of 64 countries and training millions of people I came across a common question asked by corporate giants, “Why are we not able to see permanent change?”

The feedback I received was “Why are changes of short term or supercilious?”

My permanent answer is

Permanent change is possible only from within.

People can change themselves by doing one very important exercise. Pass two resolutions right now. One is for personal life and another one for professional life.

Follow it vigorously for the next 21 days. Trust me, after 21 days it will be your attitude. Attitude will determine your altitude. Collector of Kheda had done it in the life of railway stationmaster.

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