Friday , 21 September 2018


I was surprised & amazed by the “NO”& “BUT” language used by one of the senior manager in the workshop which I attended yesterday, the workshop was based on the concept of leadership.

During the coffee break in the workshop, I noticed everyone using same kind of “No” & “But” language, I don’t use such language but discovered people doing so. According to me using If OR But is not an appropriate way to converse. Is it correct in your viewpoint to add any point or value, will it make any substantial difference in the response of any person.

Do not talk about this much & make sure not to give any unnecessary or contradictory statements which are not having any significance with the workshop. If any such thoughts comes up, kindly keep don’t reveal it.

Evaluate your own language by creating score card; this will help you to scrutinize your own language. Test out your own speaking skills & check whether they your reactions & responses are productive? No one is ever aware of his/her language. Keep a rigorous watch over the response & behavior your clients or colleagues or any family members gives while you talk. Cleverly keep a watch over them and discover that are you bringing into play this kind of language.

Instantaneously discontinue defining your point. You may have achieved a very high level or may have obtained considerable success in life and have acquired great monetary growth.

Start keeping a watch over your responses. Count the number of times you start any statement with ‘no’ or ‘but “or however.’ Make a note of it. This score card will help you know about your behavioral challenges. One of them is to begin with a negative response which will not make any difference to your company or relationship or life. Once you come to recognize your faults. You may begin to change the way you lead your life and leadership which will aid you in attaining to higher level of leadership.

Learn by heart, journey of life & learning never stops; it is a constant course of action. It is never one meter sprint. Behaviour is a constant course of action and cannot die before you die. Great leaders expire with lot of behavioral messages which can be inspirational to others. M.K. Gandhi was asked before his death, what is your message to the public? Mahatma Gandhi responded to the question that- “my life is a message in itself”.

Making a change in one’s behavior can be a challenge task, a huge challenging task.

After attaining particular level of seniority and special accomplishments, you have to improvise your own ways & behaviors by watching your reactions & responses, which is a challenge. But leaders never fail & love to conquer new challenges and try to win over.

So now you are journey of success & winning begins here and being a leader always live on the winning edge.

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