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Move Yourself First

“To move the world we must first move ourselves.” Asserted Socrates.

Whatever we are – or – neglect to do – will catch up with us in the end. Those who never often end up as an average person. Most of the people died with unused talent and potentiality within.

Leaders move themselves in the direction with speed. Now a day, speed is the way of living; if you are without speed, you are dead.

Leaders are always initiative. They took the responsibility for making things happen.

Who has not face setback? Who has not face problems and tough time? A day without challenges and obstacles never passed in the day of responsible leader. I think responsible leaders lead initiative quality. When you take initiative and face failure for number of times and seniors in the business houses fire you. What will be your next step? People quit some time or some people share with him, why you have taken initiative, who had told you to do it? Now do not do it, next time. Go in same space, without proactive quality.

Enjoy the living. See us we are here from last 40-50 years. You only do whatever is directed. Finish it and report. That is all.

We have to upgrade our standards to face challenges. We have to bigger our size than the size of the problem and confront it every day. Every day, we have to fight with challenges. Yes! Every day.

You will be never fired but you will certainly finish as an average person and will die with talent within. We should examine the people who died as an average person. Trust me, one of the reason will be, he was not taking initiative.

It is very difficult to become successful without initiative. Procrastination is the fertilizer that makes difficulties grows. How someone can achieve success with procrastination quality. Initiative is a tool of compass of the successful people.

President Theodore Roosevelt said, “Do what you can with what you have, where you are.”

We can start from any place. We cannot blame anyone for our life. Whatever we see, we feel, we achieve, we lose, we experience, we gain, we enjoy and we pain, we are completely responsible. Do not blame others for it. Blaming someone is an easiest job.

Let us start from the place, where we are and what we have. “If I have so …” is not a language of leader who has fixed up his priority along with his passion.

Weather you make mistakes or fail or face challenges or meeting problems, keep on going ahead with what you avail. Going ahead with unstoppable attitude is a true leadership.

Leader always asked question to himself, “What is the best use of my time right now?”

What can I do in present, which will shape my future? Remember, we all have to die, but when we die, we want to die with pride, satisfaction and pleasure. Leaders never do things which create ill and sick feelings at the end of their life.

Simple rule always followed is “What you start, finish.”

People quit because of problems, challenges and de-motivational events. Quitting is the easiest job. To blame from outside the court is a childish play. Anyone can play that game. It won’t give me any wonder.

Leaders do things with what they have and where they are. Remember, golden rule of life: “What you have physically had lesser value than what potentiality you have inside.”

Leaders are always doer. World can doubt your words but world will never doubt your actions. Leaders like formula of start + action.

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